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Benefits of Circ-Ability Arts

Research has consistently shown the undisputed benefits of learning circus skills and arts to promote core strength, balance and motor control in people of all ages and abilities.


The social benefits of learning in a group include building trust and empathy, leadership and teamwork and fostering self-confidence.

Circus is also an amazing tool to engage and motivate young people, to improve their physical and emotional literacy, overcome challenges and gain the confidence to face whatever life throws at you. Circus worldwide has proven effective at impacting positively on school, work and life skills.


Circability are an advocacy case study for Creative New Zealand



Community Circus in Aotearoa New Zealand

This research was supported by Lotteries Community Sector Research Fund and undertaken by Rachael Trotman with  Circability Co-Directors Thomas Hinz and Frances Kelliher, Circus Kumarani and Point Research.

The research began in April 2011 and was completed in May 2013.  It explores what community circus involves, its reported benefits, good practice in delivering programmes, opportunities and effective tools to evaluate community circus activities.

The summary report is here: Developing Community Circus in Aotearoa New Zealand

Five interrelated research methods were used:

  1.  An international Community Circus Literature Review

  2. A nationwide email survey of community circus related organisations and individuals

  3. Stakeholder interviews with up to 20 key players nationally and internationally. 

  4.  A workshop at the fifth national community circus convention in 2011/2012

  5. Four case study evaluations of programmes, three in Dargaville and one in Auckland:


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